I had the privilege to be chosen as one of 20 shortlisted finalists for the 2021 Aesthetica Art Prize, presented by Aesthetica Magazine. The video above briefly highlights the practice of each shortlisted artist and their works chosen for the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, which ran from May 28 to September 5, 2021, at the York Art Gallery in the city of York, UK.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is an annual exhibition that invites you to explore, discover and engage with new ideas. Aesthetica looks for artists redefining the parameters of contemporary art. The works on display in the exhibition are unearthing the intricate layers of what it means to be alive today. Life was complicated before Covid-19, but the pandemic has placed a new set of strains and challenges on society. However, the artists’ works are covering themes such as the climate crisis, colonial histories, racism, new technologies and the impact it has on our lives. The pieces draw on both personal and universal narratives and in many ways that unique blend of the macro and the micro makes this exhibition immediate, compelling and highly relevant for the times in which we live.

Genres include painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation, and these immersive works are part of a wider line of enquiry into our complex world. The featured projects span the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Brazil. Aesthetica’s prestigious Art Prize Jury comprises influential art world figures, including curators, academics, gallerists, editors and practitioners whose expertise span across a range of media.

Artists are the chroniclers of our times. Through work that digests the very nature of life in the 21st century, we are able to question further, make sense of and unite in this time of uncertainty and change. Human history has been re-written, and we are living in that moment right now.

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Beauty can be strange.

The strange can be beautiful.

I love to create photographs.

That may sound like a cliché, but it’s absolutely true. It was an unanswered passion of mine for decades. I really wanted to be in the Camera Club at school, but at the time something held me back. Perhaps I thought the club was for geeks hiding from the world in a darkroom while I just wanted to be the jock running outside in daylight.

But finally, in 2013, I surrendered to the call and purchased my very first digital SLR camera. Tens of thousands of frames later, here I am.

I’ve been a “creative” my entire life. I was in my high school musical and drama productions (somehow, I rationalized to myself that that wasn’t “geeky”). Later, I graduated university with a degree in Radio & Television Arts. My first job out of university was as a copywriter in a radio station. Six years later I ended up becoming a writer and eventually VP Creative Director for a major corporate communication and live events agency. Years later I stepped out to run my own agency.

Today, I spend a lot of my time creating images with my digital gear. Doing so thrills me to my marrow. I seem to have an eye for this thing called fine art photography, and there are a few awards and written accolades in my Artist CV to back me up on that. (And I also appreciate the card that my Mom wrote.)

I believe that the essence of my art is in finding and making what at first glance may seem to be the ordinary, and then encouraging it to bring out its strangeness, and then bending that again to find its true beauty. My eye seems to focus on persuading beautiful things to reveal their “strange”. And my sense of joy delights in the fact that it may take a moment or two for my images to reveal themselves to you.

However you may see them, I am just thrilled that you have the chance to see them at all, because one of the most exciting moments in my life is when the strange and the beauty that I see come to life in a print, is then framed, and eventually hung on a wall or posted in the virtual world for all to share, ponder and experience.

Thank you for visiting my website. And thank you for being a part of this strange and beautiful world.


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