David Brandy began his creative career with a BA in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University. His practice has evolved from radio copywriter, to Founder and Creative Director of a marketing events agency, to photographic storyteller.
Brandy captures transient moments that reveal the strangeness in the ordinary. He shows us places or objects detached from their natural setting or function, emphasizing a strong sense of absence or isolation. He asks us to imagine an instance where a photograph can be felt as both familiar yet alien at the same time, creating a feeling of disquieting pleasure. His work often reflects a splendour we seldom notice – revealing that beauty can be strange and the strange can be beautiful.
Brandy was invited by the Jury to exhibit in the 2019 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. His work was chosen for SNAP 2019, a fine art photography auction in support of the Aids Committee of Toronto. He was a finalist in both the Quest Art 2018 National Art Prize, and the 2017 Salt Spring National Art Prize. His images have been published in PhotoEd and Zettel magazines and in three volumes of the Scarborough Arts “Big Art Book”. He’s a “Storyteller” for the online maganize at He’s also a member of Gallery 44 Centre For Contemporary Photography in Toronto.
Brandy’s art hangs in The Livmore Refined Residences building in downtown Toronto and in collectors’ homes across Canada. 
Please use the CONTACT page for inquiries and to purchase his artwork.
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